Sunday, October 9, 2011

Heart's Taken

pe0ple say..falling in l0ve is a w0nderful things happens in life..there als0 says it is 0ne 0f the m0st magical feelings in the w0rld..hmm i believe that most 0f us have experienced it..s0, h0w w0uld u describe th0se 'things'..???..ever0ne g0t their 0wn views 0n it..right..but..usually it will c0me up like this.......

when we fall in l0ve
everything's beautiful..just like the w0rld is 0urs..0nly u n me.. 
that experience makes us feel c0mpletely alive..every sense is heightened, every em0ti0n is magnified, 0ur everyday reality is shattered n we are flying int0 the heavens..
~~mcm 0rg2 kita slalu kate..
mkn tak knyang (xprnahnye knyang2 smpi kne mnambah2 2tga kli utk knyang)
mndy ta basah (mne nk basah klu d0k mndy bunga2 cinta jew)
td0r ta lena (sbb tyap2 mlm bgay0t,phtu ta ck0p td0q)..

yaa,,acc0rding 2the title ab0ve,im the 0ne wh0se hearts taken..0hh s0me0ne has steal my heart..huhu
but...i d0nt feels like heavens at all..
i d0nt want this feelings..its burden 2me,n its really hurt me..its start 2kills me inside..
pleaseee..g0 away..take ths feelings very far2 away fr0m me..i d0nt want it..n i d0nt trust it..
its makes me cry,sad n feel s0 badly..
can i get my light back with0ut it..?? can i just live happily with0ut ths feelings..?? hurmm..

this is n0t l0ve..yaaa this is N0T l0ve..just ign0re it..

"Love isn't love until you give it away, so give it wings and let it go, if it's meant to be it will fly right back to you!"

s0..just g0 'love'..i give u the wings,i set u free,just g0 wherever u want..i'll never disturb u..all i've 2do,is d0 n0thing,i'll just sit here nicely,waiting 4the right tyme 4u 2c0me..and Love when im ready.


Nafisah Ruslan said...

love this :)

Lai Qma said...


NasZ said...

wah..nice entry. i love last sentence regarding love has wing, if it is yours, it will fly back to you. i could not really agree more on that.


makcik kerepot said...

saya mau citer tuan puteri vs tuan laksama ... 8hb 10 2011

Lai Qma said...

0ke pemenangnyerr jat0h kepada, gundik diraja..yeahhhh.. :P

Shukri Mohd Ali said...

i'll be waiting. insyaAllah.

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