Tuesday, September 27, 2011

LOVE when u're READY..NOT when u're LONELY

L0ving when y0u are ready t0 l0ve instead 0f just l0oking f0r l0ve because y0u are l0nely is a very imp0rtant less0n 0f life that we sh0uld all take heed t0. L0ve is simply a part 0f life that sh0uld n0t be f0rced. Sure it is alright t0 try t0 find s0me0ne that we are c0mpatible t0, but when we try t0 f0rce l0ve 0ut 0f a situati0n it will never w0rk. Y0u simply can n0t f0rce chemistry, and being able t0 tell s0me0ne that y0u l0ve them d0esn't always mean that y0u truly l0ve them.

S0me 0f us fall in l0ve with the idea 0f being in l0ve, and in turn rush t0 find s0me0ne t0 l0ve, with0ut actually l0ving them. In 0rder t0 av0id this, let l0ve c0me t0 y0u, and take things sl0w when meeting s0meone new. L0ve will happen when it is capable 0f happening, whether it be in a sh0rt am0unt 0f time, 0r l0ng am0unt 0f time, l0ve runs 0n its 0wn time.

gud luck^^be patience..peace

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