Saturday, December 25, 2010

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Tyme mnulis bl0g ni, m0od lai..hurmm ntah larr..ta bpe na 0k k0wt..ntah npew ye, ase cdeyh tata0 na wat cmne dah..mybe mmg ni nceb lai lai mmg da try shabis baeq ttp msih byk kkurgn..trtnye2 gak..salah kew??..knpe cmtu??..cmne lg??..huh feel like crying..its really hurt me inside..plz try 2understand me..d0nt u see tht I’ve change a l0t 4u..hurm never mind..just want 2say that, whtever u d0 2me, I’ll accept it and it w0nt change l0ng as I can stand and patience, it d0esnt matter l0ng as its best f0r us and 0ur relati0nship..but, my silence d0esnt mean Im never care at all..i ch0ose 4 patience but its still have the limits..

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